My 2019 Skate Goals

I’m not normally big on New Year’s resolutions, but I think derby is going to change that. I have a looooong list of stuff to work on, and I want to get better at All The Things right away! That’s not manageable, of course, so I’m going to break things down into a few different lists. (I have mild OCD, and lists help me manage my anxiety. Do what works, right?)

So here, in no particular order, are my big goals for the coming year. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but these are the main things I want to focus on.

Skating Skills

  • Improve my skills-test score by 10 points, which should be enough to get me off probation and eligible to (finally!) bout. I have a lot of areas where I can improve a little bit– if not more!
  • Keep working on my 27/5, and improve my personal best to 23 laps. (Right now, I can BARELY do 20!)
  • Get comfortable in a position other than inside bum! This is my default at scrimmage, and I need to be able to block in other positions.

Mental Skills

  • Pick one thing to work on at every practice, and keep track of my small victories so that I don’t get discouraged
  • Allow myself to experience negative feelings (discouragement, frustration) because they’re totally valid, and I don’t have to be happy-sunshine-y all the time

League Goals

  • Develop a comprehensive marketing plan for our league to increase bout attendance and new-skater recruitment
  • Delegate tasks in the marketing committee so that everyone has a specific job (social media channels, sponsorship, audience engagement) and we can be more effective
  • Help other skaters learn all NSO positions (might need to develop some training materials) and learn the ones that I’m not yet comfortable with

I want to check in on my goals every quarter, that way I can measure my progress and keep myself accountable. Having a list like this makes the whole “I’m new and making slow progress and there’s SO MUCH TO DO” process a lot more manageable.

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