Back from the DEAAAAAAAD

It’s been a year since I blogged. Oops? Good things happened in 2019, though! Let’s recap!

  • Lots of good things have happened in the derby-skills world! With another year of practices, I feel a lot more confident in my basic skills, as well as some on-track/scrimmage/game stuff. I increased my MST score by a whole bunch, which is super cool– my previous best in 27/5 was 21 laps, and my December test I hit 26.5. Whoo!
  • I’ve lost a bunch of weight after having revision WLS. (Long story short: I had sleeve gastrectomy about six years ago, had some complications, regained some weight, had to convert to gastric bypass.) My health has improved quite a bit, I feel a lot stronger, I’m still mentally adjusting to it, but overall I feel pretty positive about it.
  • I was voted league treasurer and CFO, so I’m doing ALL THE SPREADSHEETS for budgets and finances and BOD stuff. Feels good that people trust me to handle such a big job, fingers crossed I can do it without screwing up!
  • I was also voted “league cheerleader,” “fan favorite NSO,” and “most team spirit – Bandoleras” at the league end-of-year awards banquet. I really struggle with imposter syndrome and feel like I need to prove to others that I’m worth having around… and I guess I shouldn’t?
  • I’m doing more work in the gym, especially since surgery this summer. I’m starting to do some weight lifting, with the help of Iron Octopus Fitness, and keeping up on swimming and cycling. I’m signed up for a triathlon the weekend before Mother’s Day, and even if I walk half of the 5k, I think I can improve on my time from my first tri a few years ago.
  • My mental health is in a really good spot right now. I have bipolar II and some OCD with a bit of anxiety, and I’ve had to tweak my meds recently to adjust. My OCD in particular has ramped up a bit in issues surrounding body and exercise, so I’m working hard to keep that under control and keep a healthy attitude towards that part of my life.
  • I’m making time for other things I like to do (that aren’t derby/exercise). Right now, that includes DMing two D&D campaigns, reading more books for fun– in particular, YA fantasy and romance, and practicing my guitar skills by playing lots of Rocksmith.

So where do we go from here?

I definitely want to keep blogging on a regular basis, even if nobody reads it! Heaven knows I’ve got some weird stuff bouncing around in my head, and often getting it out on paper helps me process things. And hey, if it helps somebody else along the way? Bonus!

So for this blog, I think I’m just going to do some of whatever I feel like, no shame, no guilt. So that’s going to include:

  • Derby thoughts about league administration, encouragement for new skaters and members of Team Turtle, and passing along ideas/resources that I think are cool
  • Talking about playing derby as a bariatric patient, in case that’s relevant to anybody? I know very few other skaters in my situation and I wish I’d heard more from them before my revision surgery.
  • Also balancing derby and momming! I’m fortunate that our family has a good balance of “mom and dad get to do fun things on their own sometimes” with “let’s all be together all the time” and I hope others can have that balance too.
  • Maybe mini book reviews? My Goodreads account doesn’t have much beyond star ratings for most things, but it would be pretty cool to share books that make me happy.
  • Maybe also some stuff about D&D and being a successful DM? I’m running two campaigns right now: one with my derby friends that’s an epic homebrew campaign, and a second with my parents and husband using the Curse of Strahd module. As far as I know, I’m a pretty good DM (or my players are really liars about having a good time) so it couldn’t hurt to share things that work well for me.

Also, I’m not going to get hung up on coming up with a perfect WordPress template. Heaven knows I’ve dealt with that roadblock enough times over the past couple of years! So I’ll play with it over the next couple of weeks, but also try not to get stuck on it.

Here goes nothing! Thanks for coming along for the ride!

– Nerd

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