Hi, friends! My name is Nerdy Little Secret and I skate with Tucson Roller Derby. I’m a proud member of #TeamTurtle and our league’s unofficial cheerleader, and I hope to share some of that love with the Internet at large.

woman wearing a bike helmet and sunglasses flashing a peace sign

Other stuff to know about me:

  • I have bipolar with some OCD and anxiety. I’m grateful to have a really good doctor, health insurance that pays for my medication, and a set of meds that work really well to keep my brain in a good place.
  • I’ve had bariatric surgery. My first surgery (VSG) was six years ago, and I had to revise to gastric bypass this summer after dealing with some complications. It’s not been easy, and even now there are times when I struggle, but it’s been a good thing for my health.
  • By day, I work as a professional data nerd for a healthcare nonprofit. I do a lot of database work and play with Excel.
  • I’ve got an awesome nerd husband and a preschooler who is currently big into Pokemon, plus two cats and a dog. Life is busy but good!